[2.0.0] Free automatic translation of Prestashop or thirtybees

Automatically translate your store developed with PrestaShop or thirtybees for free

At the beginning, I proposed this module to meet a simple need, to set up an automatic translation of poor quality but which could help visitors.

I know, my first paragraph is not very selling, but we have to be realistic and stop lying to people, the automatic translation offered for free by Google is a troubleshooting solution and not a real translation solution for a quality business.

That's why I offered this module for free, but strangely enough, following the implementation of this module, dozens of paid modules appeared on Addons, some of them offering no more options than my free module.

I am particularly disgusted by this, I don't hide it from you, but it's the evolution of this community over the years that wants this.

So how to make this module interesting.

Simply by responding to a recurring request for support for this module.

So I decided for this version 2.0.0 to add the simplified selection of the display location of the language list.

I had time and this will greatly reduce my support on this module.


2.0.0 - 04/20/2021

  • Adding the configuration of the module positioning
  • Improvement of the module source code