[2.7.7] PrestaMailchimp module update

Mise à jour du module de synchronisation de PrestaShop avec Mailchimp

We are going to be on an update list since the last version I presented to you was last December.

I try to communicate as much as possible about my modules and their updates, but between providing support, updates on Addons and Prestatoolbox, sending a message in French and English to inform all customers who have purchased this module and who are registered for updates ... I always give priority to customer support so as not to penalize them, because we all know that their business is indispensable now.

So, I apologize for the delay in communication.

Let's move on to the list of changes made:


2.7.2 - 12/24/2020

  • Change of the icon of the module on request of the lawyers of ©Mailchimp

The story is interesting, but I will make it short because it is quite sad.

I have been a Mailchimp partner for more than 10 years by developing my first version to synchronize PrestaShop with Mailchimp.

Since then, Mailchimp regularly sends me nice little goodies.

The last ones arrived two days before the injunction of a law firm ordering me to withdraw the use of the elements of the logo and the brand Mailchimp, namely the monkey and the logo.

Certainly a common practice of American companies.

So I adapted my graphic elements to meet their request, like all the other modules present on Addons except one, I let you guess.

But as my module is one of the few to really work and I have customers to support, I persist in improving it.

2.7.3 - 01/07/2021

  • Correction of the display of the processing counters at the first synchronization of each item in the store
  • Correction of the registration of emails already registered on Mailchimp from the default newsletter module of the store
  • Added information on how to use the registration form

All these improvements are transparent and bring a plus on the use of the module.

Like the two following updates.

2.7.4 - 01/25/2021

  • Fixed a bug that could affect updated stores

2.7.5 - 01/27/2021

  • Fixed a bug that could affect multi-language stores

2.7.6 - 03/16/2021

  • Improved management of client group synchronization

This is an update that allows you to remove the old client groups to which a client belonged. Before, if you changed a client's group, it always remained affiliated with the old group.

2.7.7 - 04/19/2021

  • Fixed a bug that could appear on some configurations when exporting client groups
  • Source code reduction for better backoffice performance

Due to the change in the management of client groups, some bugs appeared and it was necessary to correct them and stabilize the module.


Remember that an account Mailchimp is required to use this module, even if it is a free account.