Abandoned shopping cart recall

Have you noticed how many baskets remain untouched in your store?

Why don't Internet users place orders?

Many merchants are wondering the same thing as you, but not all react in the same way.

If it is not possible to obtain a 100% conversion rate of your prospects into customers, there are tricks to considerably increase your conversion rate (from prospect to customer).

The first solution I propose today is the :

Abandoned cart reminder

To relaunch abandoned carts on your PrestaShop store there are 2 automated methods (I won't talk about doing it manually, even if it remains a possibility).

Use a module dedicated to PrestaShop or use an automation system proposed by mailing tools like the very good MailChimp.

These 2 methods integrate the display of the products contained in the customer's cart directly into the message that he will receive. MailChimp adds the possibility of presenting products that could be of interest to the customer, based on the criteria of previous purchases or other customers, and may allow you to increase the value of your customer's cart.

Dedicated module

Use a dedicated PrestaShop module to re-launch abandoned carts to the convenience of integrating the functionality directly on your PrestaShop store. But this brings some constraints to take into account.

The first constraint concerns the use of a regular cron task to send reminder emails to your customers at the right time. This setup must be done on your server, assuming you can do it, or you will have to use what is called a webcron like easycron.

The second constraint concerns the deliverability of the email sent to the prospect, because your server is already solicited to send several emails and this may override your server if you have many emails to send. This risks to blacklist your server and therefore your email of reminder falls in the spam folder of your recipient.

If you are not afraid to manage this strategy, you can use a module for relaunching abandoned carts dedicated to PrestaShop and thus transform part of your prospects' shopping carts into orders.

Of course, it is legally possible to send this email only to registered customers who agree to receive emails from your site, at the risk that your customers consider these messages as spam and cause the blacklisting of your server.

This solution remains the most profitable, since the module is a one-time purchase for a license on your e-commerce site, no additional cost to expect.

Solution MailChimp

In my opinion, the most efficient solution to date, since MailChimp integrates a complete shopping cart reminder system with a tool to create simple and effective multi-platform responsive design while guaranteeing the deliverability of messages to recipients.

This solution is the easiest to implement, since you just have to set up on your PrestaShop store a module to synchronize all your ecommerce data to MailChimp and create your reminder campaign by following the procedure set up by MailChimp.

MailChimp integrates 2 possible scenarios. A one-time relaunch of abandoned carts or a set of messages following a certain delay between the abandonment of the cart and the sending of the messages. This allows you to send a first message an hour after the last interaction of your customer on his cart, 1 day after or a week after. This optimizes, without disturbing the customer too much, the potential of increasing the conversion rate.


Personally, the strategy implemented with MailChimp is the one I have favored on my store and it is the one I propose to my customers. I can understand that this tool is difficult to access for "anglophobes". I can also understand that having to pay a subscription to MailChimp every month in order to access these options, that's why I also let you discover the solution through a single purchase module. But for those who already use MailChimp for their acquisition and marketing, this solution is to be preferred.

Of course, this is only the beginning to improve your conversion rate. But, since this solution is very simple to implement on your store, it would be a shame not to do it.