BREXIT or the validation of VAT numbers for the United Kingdom

BREXIT Validation of UK VAT numbers

I don't know about you, but frankly this BREXIT never ends to annoy me with its lot of peculiarities.

I hope that the management of parcels to this destination is not too much of an ordeal for you.

Today we are going to discuss another topic with the validation of the British VAT numbers since the exit of the United Kingdom from the European Union.


In the European Union there is a reverse charge function for VAT on orders made between professionals with an intra-community VAT number.

This number is unique for each company in each country of the European Union.

Thus, using the native vatnumber module until February 1, 2021 of PrestaShop installation.

This module allowed, when a VAT number was registered in a customer's address, two things:

  1. Validate this intra-community VAT number with the VIES service
  2. Remove VAT on orders with an address with a valid VAT number

Nevertheless, PrestaShop made the choice to archive this module on the principle that they no longer had the internal resources to manage these modules as explained their article appeared on their blog after we were offended by this surprising disappearance.

Not wanting to penalize users of this module, you will find the explanation of the correction to be made to the module so that it can work with the validation of British VAT numbers added to my module to manage the BREXIT on PrestaShop and Thitybees.

The update

Here is the update to version 2.0.0 of my MedBrexitVat module which adds the validation of UK VAT numbers and the auto-liquidation of VAT on baskets of less than £135 (excluding tax and shipping costs) for identified professionals.

I let you discover the video presentation of this new version.



2.0.0 - 03/05/2021

  • Adding B2B options
    • Withdrawal of VAT for professionals with a valid UK VAT number
    • Implementation of the UK VAT number validation process
    • Added an option to automatically fill in the company name from the VAT number
    • Added explanation to remove the validation error of the module vatnumber developed by PrestaShop
  • Display of EORI and VAT number on all United Kingdom invoices

1.8.1 - 30/03/2021

  • Code rewriting for 1.7 versions below

1.8.0 - 22/03/2021

  • Added option to block orders above the defined threshold

1.7.3 - 15/03/2021

  • Correction of product tax display on PDF invoice



Download the corrected version for PrestaShop 1.7 of the VATnumber module