How to apply a different discount to multiple copies of a product on PrestaShop

Learn how to customize your PrestaShop discounts

This is a discount practice that has long existed in the world of commerce, especially during sales.

  1. copy purchased, full price
  2. copies, -20% on this one
  3. copies, -30% on this one
2 cart rules

With my method, it will work like this and even if another product is added to the basket, it will give the right result, namely this one:

Shopping cart result


  • 1 product at €20
  • 1 product at 16€ (-20%) for a total of 36€.
  • 1 product at €14 (-30%) for a total of €50

This is perfectly in line with our expectations, as only the product on which the reduction is applied and for the given volume is affected.

Creating basket rules

To achieve this scenario of a 20% discount on the second product, then a 30% discount on the third, we'll simply create two basket rules, the important thing being to configure them to obtain the desired result.

Depending on your PrestaShop version, access to shopping cart rules is different.

  • PrestaShop 1.6 : Menu Promotions >> Cart rules
  • PrestaShop 1.7 / 8 : Menu Catalog >> Discounts

We're going to create the reductions in the order in which they're applied, not because it's compulsory, just because it's much simpler for their management and intellectual understanding.

-20% off the second identical product

The definition of this rule is simple: apply a 20% discount on the second product purchased from the same identified product.

Click on the button to add a new rule.

Step 1

Enter the name that will be displayed in the customer's shopping cart in all the languages configured in your store.

Leave the discount code blank so that the shopping cart rule is automatically applied when the scenario we're about to create occurs.

Step 1 - Information

Step 2

Let's move on to the conditions stage.

I'll leave it up to you to decide whether you want to limit this rule to a specific customer, or to define how long this rule will apply to your store, as the important part lies much further down this tab.

Here, we will identify the product(s) on which we will apply this discount.

  • Check the Product selection box
  • Set the number of products required in the basket to 2
  • Add a product rule
  • Choose the product(s) on which you wish to apply the discount
Step 2 - Conditions

Step 3

Let's move on to the Actions tab.

Select a discount by amount and not by percentage. I know, that's really where the trick lies, because if you choose percentage, it won't work at all.

You'll need to calculate the amount of discount to apply in order to reach 20%. It's not very complicated, but it implies that you don't change the prices of the product concerned during the promotion.

I'd advise you to define this amount as excluding VAT and not as including it, even if my example shows the opposite. I've just simplified the procedure for this tutorial.

And you'll apply the promotion to a specific product.

Steph 3 - Actions

I invite you to try it out by simply varying the quantity of the product concerned in your basket.

-30% off the third identical product

All you have to do is repeat the 3 steps you took to create the basket rule previously, modifying the name of course, as well as the number of products required in the basket to apply the promotion.

In the end

Obviously, you can go on for a long time with these promotions, because with this method, if you add a fourth identical product, it will be displayed at the original price, without the slightest discount, but that's another story.

PrestaShop offers a wide range of solutions for creating promotions, but it's not always easy to implement them, as in this case.

It's precisely for all these complex cases that specialized modules are available on PrestaShop's official marketplace.