How to integrate the reparability index in Prestashop and Thirtybees

As of January 1, 2021, every business must display the repairability index of a product when it is available.

The reference site on the question is:

What is the reparability index?

The products concerned

Be aware that this list will grow with time and the availability of data from manufacturers.

The solution on Prestashop and Thirtybees

The display must be done in the form of an image incorporating the note and respecting the official graphic charter, it seems complex to integrate this easily and en masse on a product catalog, knowing that the products concerned are rather presented on important product catalogs.

The use of features

On PrestaShop, features allow you to easily integrate precise information about products, such as composition, washing instructions, dimensions and now, the reparability index.

This is the most obvious solution as it integrates naturally with all faceted navigation solutions on the market.

This solution is discussed in Christophe Vidal's video.

You will have to create a characteristic and then the 101 values... well, I advise you to create them little by little to avoid disgusting yourself.

My module to associate an image with a characteristic value

This is the solution that will help you to simply integrate the reparability index and other elements.

This module allows you to associate an image by language and by characteristic value so that each time a value is associated to a product, the image will be displayed on the product sheet, perfect for washing instructions or for any technological element.

Download my module

To help you I took the time to generate all the necessary images for all the values, it's a gift if you think to make a small link in your legal notice for example.

Download images in PNG format:

I even made a vertical sprite for those who would like to integrate this reparability index through a css: sprite-indice-de-reparabilite.png


Source of the dalmatian : Photo by Alireza Roudbarmohammadi sur Unsplash