Importing product images on PrestaShop

Often, on PrestaShop, we want to update a large amount of data from our catalog and going from product sheet to product sheet is tedious, so we all dream of being able to import some data in a single file.

The CSV import allows you to do this quite easily. You just have to open your favorite spreadsheet program (Excel for PC users, numbers for Mac users and ... well for Linux I don't know), create several columns corresponding to the data presented in the import page of your PrestaShop according to what you want to import and fill in with the necessary data, save in CSV format and hop on Prestashop.

Go to the Import section of Advanced Settings and upload your CSV file.

In this tutorial we will see that you can add several images to a product already registered on your store.

So I created a csv file containing 2 data:

  • Product ID
  • URL of the images to import separated by commas
Le fichier d'import exemple

In my example, for the simplified import of the images I have saved these images on an external service ( to avoid overloading my server, but otherwise you can put these images in a directory of your hosting, remember to test that the images are accessible in your browser by a simple URL.

I remind a simple rule of naming of the image files to deposit on your server ... NEVER, never, put a space in the name of your files !!!

So, you load the csv file in the import page:

import csv PrestaShop

Then you must specify if your csv file has a header line and if so you must ignore this line when importing your file.

You can also match the columns with the data proposed by PrestaShop, in our case it will be :

  • ID
  • Image URLs (x,y,z,etc)

And hop next step.

Validation de l'import

And there you go, it's imported

For proof:

Before Import

Avant import PrestaShop

And after :

Après l'import