Install a free snowfall effect on your PrestaShop

Snowfall on PrestaShop

Here's a little free module I'm offering to the community this holiday season to boost your stores.

Prestashop Snow Fall free module is a fun and aesthetic addition to Prestashop online stores. It allows you to add a snowfall animation on the store's homepage, which reacts to the user's mouse movements.

This module is easy to install and configure, and requires no programming knowledge. You just need to download the ZIP file of the module from the Prestashop website, import it in the store administration, and activate it. Once activated, the snowfall will be automatically added to the homepage of the store, and users will be able to interact with it by moving their mouse on the page.

In addition to adding a touch of originality and whimsy to the online store, the Prestashop Snow Fall module can also be used to create a winter and festive atmosphere, especially during the winter months and holiday seasons. This can help to put the store users in a good mood and improve their online shopping experience.

Screenshot of the module demonstration
Screenshot of the module demonstration

Download the module

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