PrestaShop 1.7 update not possible

Photo by sebastiaan stam on Unsplash

Lately I had tried to update my development version of PrestaShop to the 1.7 branch and strangely all my attempts were unsuccessful.

So I postponed my migration from version to version of my test store.

But, the support requests for this version came more and more frequently and forced me to look into this issue.

  1. So I analyzed my PHP version and it was OK.
  2. I looked at what was happening in the code when I clicked the blue update button and ... error 403 ????

We take the time to analyze this 403 error and we discover that :

The message Error 403, or "access denied" is displayed on a Web page when the server refuses to execute a request that it has understood. This is an http error that simply indicates a denied access to a content, a resource, etc.

What, the script does not have access to some pages of my hosting.

I get angry, I look, the file is well where it should be and I take the time to look at the rights of the directories of the update module and I discover with horror, that the rights are at the maximum height, that is, 777. 111 more than the devil's number and, in computing, we all know that 666 and 777 are equivalent and that you should never, strictly never, give all the rights on directories or files.

So I decide to uninstall the module completely and reinstall it and still the same.

So, I transform these rights in 755 on the directories and everything goes well ... and yes, I have a host who understood everything and who blocks all the files having a too high right like 777, thank you again PlanetHoster :-)

I hope this article will save you time in your search for the why or how to simply launch these essential updates between versions 1.7 of PrestaShop.