Prestashop launches its new website

Nouveau design pour PrestaShop

Lots of excitement around the new version of the institutional site of Prestashop in this new livery very modernized to please the North American market.

This renewal of the Prestashop website design is accompanied by a redesign of the community forum. The opinion is divided on this point because of clear-cut choices on the design but, it seems, it could evolve to find a compromise and satisfy the greatest number. And like any change, it is necessary to let the product take its place and find its public, but overall I find this new Prestashop Forum very pleasant.


The Prestashop modules and templates store is undergoing a more discreet transformation as it is only accessible to contributors who discover a new management of their contributions.

But this transformation will soon touch the facade by bringing its share of new features that, we hope, will concretize years of criticism gathered in an important update of this part of the Prestashop world.