Regenerate product thumbnails in Prestashop

For years now, we regularly discover messages on the Prestashop forum asking for help to successfully regenerate product images following an update, an error, a restoration, or any other user action.

Prestashop is not perfect on this point and we all know it. That's why they have set up a system to get around the problems related to certain server configurations, but otherwise, for very large catalogs, there is the perfect solution.

Often, the Prestashop user ends up with a 500 error, blank page after launching the thumbnail regeneration and also loses the majority of his product images, which causes panic and destructive actions such as deletions, wild and repeated restorations.

The "right" manual procedure

If you want to use the basic system of Prestashop here is the procedure to apply to not lose your images

  1. Select the type of image to regenerate
  2. Select the image format to regenerate
  3. Leave the "Delete previous images" box checked
  4. Launching the regeneration
  5. Waiting
  6. If there is a 500 error or a blank page then go back and select the same type and format of image but uncheck the "Delete previous images" box
  7. Otherwise, go back to step 1 and choose another format or type of image

The best method: Automatic

The service provider Samdha has created, for several years, a module that allows to generate all the product images without ever having a server crash and therefore you just have to launch the module and go to sleep for the very large catalogs.

You will find all the information about this Pestashop module on the Prestatoolbox marketplace with a video.