Addons Business Care open to former customers

PrestaShop Addons Business Care for All

If you are a customer on the official PrestaShop marketplace, Addons, you must have noticed the increase in prices of modules since this summer.

This increase is justified by the implementation of the Business Care solution to allow Addons customers to benefit from updates and more efficient support throughout their use of the modules and templates offered on the platform.

This offer was, until now, only available for new buyers. Now, any customer who bought a module on PrestaShop Addons can subscribe to a business care contract for his old module and template and thus benefit from the latest news and corrections proposed by the module and template contributors at a special price.

Presentation of Addons Business Care

The Business care option is mandatory for the first year and is paid when purchasing the module or template.

It is a one-year contract allowing the customer to benefit from the support and all the updates offered by the contributor.

This contract is renewed annually.

This option has a rate corresponding to 40% of the selling price proposed by the contributor of its dematerialized product.

For example, for a module sold 49,99€ht on Addons, the option will be 20€ht per year. So, at the first purchase, the customer will pay 49,99€ + 20€ or 69,99€ht.

The following year, if he does not cancel his subscription, he will have to pay 20€ht to enjoy an additional year of updates and support.

Benefits of the Business Care option

If the introduction of the Business Care option leads to a 40% increase in rates, it is important to realize that it provides greater security for the customer.

Before its implementation, there was a basic support sold with the module or template of 3 months that the customer could extend to 1 year by subscribing to the Zen option which was not renewable.

This solution obliged customers who wanted to obtain new versions of the modules and templates after one year to purchase the entire product.

By integrating 1 year of support and updates on all products, Addons hopes to improve the quality of the products sold by obliging all contributors to support their productions for a longer period of time and, above all, to allow customers to take advantage of this support for a longer period of time and, above all, of all the updates, at a lower cost.

Having to pay only 40% of the price of the purchased product significantly reduces the real cost of using the modules and templates.

As this option is not permanent, you can cancel it at any time and you will keep your support and access to updates until the option renewal date.

Of course, at the end of this contract you will keep the full use of the product for life, but you will no longer be able to call for support or benefit from new versions made available by the contributor.

The latest evolution of Business Care

As of today, any Addons customer can subscribe to the business care option on all the products he/she has purchased so far on the platform and benefit from all the updates and also from the support on these products at a lower cost.

I remind you that this allows you to upgrade your product for only 40% of its initial price.

How to enroll in Business Care for a previous purchase

To subscribe to this new option you just have to go to your customer area in the Support and Updates section where all the products you have purchased on the Addons platform are listed.

On each product line, you will have your support license information and simply click on the Details link at the end of the line to discover the Business Care subscription option.

Details link options

You will have access to all pricing information to subscribe to the Business Care option for one or more products.

All informations about Business Care option


Being an Addons contributor since the beginning, I find this choice relevant for us because it can allow us to reduce the price of our modules and benefit from a recurrent income that will compensate for the decrease.

The cost of the modules is important for a merchant who is starting out and allowing us to manage a relationship of trust over several years with our customers can only bring a better quality in terms of development and customer relations.

And you, what do you think?