Cronjob of PrestaShop, a disappearance that breaks everything, or almost

The Prestashop anecdote of February 25, 2021

Last week, Prestashop made the decision to archive or clean up on GitHub a list of historical modules of the solution.

The list is unknown at this time, this was apparently done without any information to the community and was a unilateral decision by Prestashop teams.

Jean-François Viguier, vice president of the Friends of Presta association and founder of the Creabilis agency in Toulouse brought up to the Prestashop teams the concern that archiving a historical module such as the VatNumber which allows to remove the VAT in exchanges between professionals provided with Intracommunity VAT number as ordered by the European laws.

Having no answer, he addressed the subject during the Live presentation of the evolutions of version 1.7.7 of PrestaShop that you can view:

This allowed him to receive a response from one of the developers in this video.

Summarizing this response which I cannot reproduce to you since it was not addressed to me, They would not have enough internet resources to maintain the entire modules and core at the same time and that they felt this module was not essential.

I'll let you judge this answer knowing that the consideration of this module is cited as essential by several people during a bug encountered on older 1.7 versions reported on this Issue:

The fact is that I also took advantage of this video presentation to bring up to the PrestaShop developers my misunderstanding of the disappearance of the backoffice of a module such as Cronjob as I had noticed it quite brutally during a recent installation of PrestaShop.

I was invited to come to the open source Slack to discuss this, which will be another debate, but I preferred to properly go through the reporting of an Issue on the Prestashop GitHub account including an explanatory video of the problem encountered to be as accurate as possible.

Looking at the discussion that ensued, it would seem that I did not express myself properly to successfully convey the importance of the concern generated by the disappearance of this native module in the Prestashop backoffice.

free module offered by Samdha

However, an hour after closing my Issue, a new Issue was created regarding this exchange rate update issue and received a response very quickly from PrestaShop development teams, which can reassure us for the future.

As this response did not provide a solution for the thousands of users of PrestaShop 1.7 versions with the blocking source code, I made the decision to make a module available for free to simply display the url to call to set up your Cron task with your preferred hosting provider or external solution.

Get the module from the forum directly