[2.6.16] Module Google Shopping for PrestaShop et thirtybees

Update of the google Shopping module for PrestaShop and thirtybees

Following the request of the PrestaRocket agency in Lille, for one of their clients, I added an element that may interest other users of my module for exporting your PrestaShop or thirtybees catalog on the Google Shopping price comparison.

This module allows you to simply export your product catalog to Google Shopping without any programming knowledge, simply and efficiently.

One of my bestsellers for years.

New data

With this version 2.6.16 of the module I added several options.

  • Choose to export the purchase price of your products
  • Use the purchase price of the product if the price of the variation does not exist
  • And apply a multiplier to record purchase prices different from reality in the case of fierce competition in your sector

These new options can be customized to let you choose to add this export variable named [cost_of_goods_sold] at Google Shopping.

Having the most accurate data in your feed sent to Google is always a good thing.