[2.6.23] Google shopping export module for PrestaShop and thirty bees

For several weeks, I have been working with several users of the module to improve the data exported by the store to Google Shopping.

Here is the changelog with explanations.

Version 2.6.17 (07/01/2022)

  • Modification of tax treatment according to the choice made on the price display for the visitor group

This correction is there to match more precisely the value of exported prices to the display of prices on the product form of the store when we decide to define the customer group Visitors of PrestaShop differently from the Google Tag defining the price on the store.
Basically, this was implemented to allow a display of the price HT and TTC on the product form regardless of the configuration of the customer group.

Version 2.6.18 (07/06/2022)

  • Added an option to not use the cover image to avoid product rejection if you add prohibited information
  • Increase to 20 the number of product images to export

In some cases, the seller may have to add text or logos on the cover image of its products, this option will allow to use the second image rather than the cover to avoid the rejection of its products, because Google prohibits any other element than the product on the images.

Version 2.6.19 (07/13/2022)

  • Addition of the information of the number of minimum quantity if this option is defined on the product sheet or its declinations

If you use the minimum quantity option on your product configuration, then automatically the module will export the right price corresponding to this minimum quantity.

Version 2.6.20 (07/15/2022)

  • Improved minimum quantity information with the addition of the [unit_pricing_base_measure] tag
  • Limitation of this information display for products with a minimum quantity of more than one unit

As the changelog indicates, this is an evolution related to the previous one that improves its integration in the data stream sent to Google.

Version 2.6.21 (07/26/2022)

  • Added an option to customize the price of exported products if there is a minimum purchase quantity

Still improving the data integration of this new option.

Version 2.6.22 (08/01/2022)

  • Force the currency in the url if it is different from the default currency of the store

This evolution allows to automatically force the currency according to the link present in the data feed and this allows Google to always visit the product sheet with the right pricing information.

Version 2.6.23 (08/02/2022)

  • Removal of obsolete code
  • Use of id_reference instead of id_carrier to avoid losing the carrier configuration when it is modified
  • Added an option per country to force the use of taxes or not
  • Added an option to export, or not, the default product category [product_type].
  • Adding new countries

The biggest evolution since the code is lightened of all references to old versions that are no longer compatible with this module, it also integrates management improvements facilitating the use of the module to allow greater customization of the data flow sent to Google.