I become a PrestaShop moderator

A new PretaShop forum moderator is in place

Following my visit to PSD Paris last Tuesday, I accepted to become the new French moderator of the PrestaShop forum.

This decision was not easy to take. I registered on the PrestaShop forum in January 2008, a few months before creating my company and becoming a freelancer.

Because of my economic activity which was turned almost exclusively to the PrestaShop solution since late 2009, I have always refused to become a moderator despite the solicitations at each new CM of the forum. It has always bothered me that a professional of the solution is judge and party on the management of the forum of an open-source solution.

What made me accept this time is simply that there was no more French-speaking moderator on the whole forum, for a French solution that shocks me even more than my first reticence.

This situation is difficult to understand but can simply be explained by the choices made by the management of PrestaShop for more than 5 years to support its international development.

The change of management, 1 year and a half ago, brings a new breath and a new vision to the solution. The common man is not aware of what PrestaShop has just gone through during its 12 years of existence to become the leader of e-commerce solutions in the world, but everything was not rosy and it required a lot of learning to a young management that made questionable choices, but in the end, by renewing its management, we can say that the awareness is there and it will perpetuate the future of the solution.

As you know, I was not the last to criticize PrestaShop, but you must remain lucid, if you look elsewhere, PrestaShop still has no competitor as versatile and fast to implement with as many features.

And, what better way than to commit myself even more strongly to PrestaShop and its e-commerce solution so that the French spirit lasts within this solution that we love so much and that we have also chosen for this particularity of having an active French-speaking community. So, like me, come and express yourself with kindness without taboos on the official forum to make our businesses grow along with the solution.

Mediacom87 Global moderator