Module update, one language per store version [3.1.0]

Update of PrestaShop / thirtybees module, allowing to associate one language per store

Following a discussion in the FoP community, I decided to add geolocation through the language configured in the browser of your customers.

This new option allows you to redirect your customers to the store corresponding to the language defined in their browser during their first visit to your site, and thus to present the site directly in the corresponding language.

This way, your visitors will be more likely to buy your products without having to look for the option to change the language of your site, while keeping the possibility to do so if the language of their browser does not really correspond to their language.

And, in order not to impact your SEO, the search engine robots will not be impacted by this new option and will still be able to visit all of your stores without any constraint.


3.1.0 - 09/23/2022

  • Added an option to redirect the visitor to the store corresponding to the language of his browser
  • Adding a visit control to avoid redirecting the indexing bots and disrupting the SEO