[B2B] Module for manual validation of customer registrations

Validate manually all your new customer registrations on PrestaShop and thirtybees

In the context of a store focused on the B2B market, it may be necessary to control the data of all the customers that make up its file.

PrestaShop and thirtybees do not integrate this option, here is a module that will help you in this process.

This module will allow you to activate the manual validation option by store if you take advantage of the multi-store mode of your CMS.

You will also be able to personalize the relationship with your customers when they register by displaying a message to inform them that they are waiting for validation as well as a new message when their account is validated directly on the login page of your store.

These customizable messages can also be sent by email to customers to inform them directly.

Of course, the module automatically blocks the sending of the native welcome message of the solution and also allows you to choose to send it anyway to the customer when you have validated his account.

After the creation of a new customer account, you will be offered two solutions to validate it:

  • Or directly by a simple click in an email if you choose to activate the option to receive an email at each new registration.
  • Or in a space listing all the requests awaiting validation where you can access with a click the complete file of the customer and with another click validate his registration.

Basically, the module will take into account everything you need to reassure your customers and facilitate the management of new registrants by saving you time at all levels.

More than a long speech, here are the elements that will help you to understand that this module will definitely be essential for you.


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