[1.0.0] Simply add JavaScript code to your PrestaShop or thirtybees store

One place to manage all your JavaScript codes on PrestaShop and thirtybees

Here is a new free module for PrestaShop and thirtybees user communities.

The context

I decided to develop this module, because I meet too often requests on the official PrestaShop forum to help with the integration of JavaScript code in the TPL files of the solution.

It is not always easy to know how to integrate these pieces of code without causing a 500 error and thus crashing your store.

This module helps all those users who are looking for a reliable and simple solution.

The module

By installing this module on your store you will be able to save your JavaScript code snippets provided by third party services like online chat solutions or analytics tracking.

Whether your script calls an external service or a complete code in JAvaScript it will be possible to add it in the module.

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