What is the solution for the mobile relay points bug of the official colissimo module on PrestaShop?

Impossible to choose a relay point on mobile with the official Colissimo module of PrestaShop

This is a sadly repetitive story in the world of PrestaShop, namely, a module badged as official and offered free to the community, but with major flaws.

Unfortunately, in the world of Prestashop, these modules presented on the official Addons platform, are not gifts offered to the community, but a financial windfall for Prestashop. With each download or installation, the PrestaShop company is paid, which can quickly represent a lot of money on some modules.

In itself, this practice is commendable since it allows us, the users of the solution, to enjoy a more stable and better developed solution thanks to this money.

The concern is with the quality of these partnerships.

No, not that the partner is failing, unlike hosting partners that PrestaShop has been pushing for years despite repeated warnings from the community, but the quality of these modules.

In the case of the official Colissimo module, the concern is in the complete development of this module since it has a "bug" that can make you lose a lot of money by frustrating your customers or by forcing you to take time to respond to difficulties encountered when choosing the carrier.

The "Bug" of the official Prestashop colissimo module

The module allows several things as presented on this official Colissimo page

I propose you several images for archive.

It is therefore an almost indispensable module for any merchant who uses the services offered by Colissimo, i.e. almost all French merchants.

One has the right to expect an impeccable and simple operation of this type of module.

This is not the case here.

The problem lies with the Point Relais carrier added to your list of carriers, a delivery solution favored over the years by more and more customers for the convenience of retrieving their packages.

Thus, on your computer, when you arrive at the stage of the choice of delivery of your store, you have the list of the three carriers added by the module, including delivery in relay points.

At this level, the customer can click on a blue button to select the relay point that suits him/her with the help of a pop-up with a map and list of relay points.

If you do the same thing on mobile or tablet, you will find that the beautiful blue button is hidden and therefore the customer is unable to select his relay point, which causes frustration since he cannot validate his delivery method and therefore, in many cases, he will stop his order at this level.

Possible solutions

Code rewriting

The first method to correct this problem would be a complete rewrite of the management of the relay points at the code and design level in order to integrate this choice in an ergonomic way on mobile.

This solution, which may seem to be the best, requires a considerable investment in time and therefore from an official free module we go to a paid module at a prohibitive cost, which does not amuse any merchant.

The bypass

The solution I found and proposed to my client, is to simply hide the carrier colissimo point relay when you are on mobile and tablet.

This solution makes it possible to make disappear the frustration of the customer at the time of the choice of the conveyor and thus to leave visible only the two other conveyors, namely, Colissimo Domicile without signature and Colissimo Domicile with signature.

The customer will always find one of the two transport solutions adapted to his needs and will simply finalize his order.


To facilitate the adoption of my solution I decided to make it a simple module to implement, you just have to install it and automatically the carrier Colissimo Points of Withdrawal will not be displayed for your customers on mobile and tablet.

If you are interested in this solution, you just have to download the module on my website:

Download the module