[3.2.1] Update the dynamic contact form on your product sheets

Added to PrestaShop or thirty bees a dynamic contact form for your customers

Here, once again, is an update to this module that is so practical and easy to implement.

If you follow my work regularly, you must know that I attach great importance to developing modules that are easy to use, but always with more features.

Here again, it is following the feedback of my customers that I was able to make this module evolve, so do not hesitate, when you use one of my modules, to contact me to ask me for improvements.

The problem

Two consecutive problems were identified.

The first one was about the fact that, at a customer's site, the button did appear on the product sheet, while the contact form never appeared.

I was never able to find out exactly why this behavior existed only on his site, but when in doubt, I preferred to modify the structure of my code and the operation of the module to solve this issue and hope to make it functional on all installations or PrestaShop and thirty bees themes.

The second problem was a silly one, a development error on my part.

If you disabled the image display on the contact form, it caused a warning, I'm still amazed that no other customer brought this up earlier.

The fix was pretty quick, but the urge took me back to the code to optimize it and I even took the opportunity to add a new option.

In case a product does not have an image, the base code allows to display the generic image configured by language in PrestaShop and thirty bees.

This new option allows you to choose whether you want to display it or just not display an image.

A new restriction option

To make it as easy as possible to manage my module, I set up restriction scenarios to allow the contact button to be displayed.

The idea is that when restrictions are enabled, only enabled scenarios will display the contact form access button.

So I decided to add the scenario to display the button only for visitors not logged into your store.

Of course, if you feel there is an essential scenario missing for you, please feel free to let me know so we can discuss it.

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