Update of the free module CronTab

Here's an unexpected update as it comes almost two after the previous one on the most downloaded free module on PrestaToolbox.

This module was born more than ten years ago already to provide a simple solution to the simplified implementation of cron tasks on some servers that did not offer this option.

Then, this module was popular by allowing to centralize directly in the PrestaShop backoffice the complete list of active tasks and to have only one cron task to manage on the server or even to go through an outsourced service like the very good easycron, which I personally have been using for years without the slightest worry.

However, this module was encountering a problem when deleting existing cron tasks, so I took the decision to modify the module developed by Samdha in order to make it functional on all versions of PrestaShop and Thirtybees.

It can quite come in replacement of PrestaShop's native CronJob module which was discontinued and caused worries for exchange rate update as I explained earlier in this article.

So I can only advise you this free module to download directly to PrestaToolbox without having to create a customer account.