Protect your data by automatically backing up your site

A website is hacked every 5 seconds, so don't put off backing up your data.

This task is tedious and time-consuming if you have to do it by hand, but there are solutions that automate this task by taking care of data and file backup on a regular basis.

We have discovered a perfect and simple service to implement. This service is not free but it is quite affordable for all pockets with a simple method to implement it on any site or hosting.

This service ismyRepono.

We will explain how to set it up on your site to secure your data.


First of all you have to create an account to access this service go to the pricing page where you will find a registration form on the right.

You will then benefit from $5 on your account in order to test the service for several days or weeks depending on the size of your backups, because the tool only charges for consumption, so you can control your budget easily.

This service is in English, but we will explain how to set it up on your site even if you are not a fluent English speaker.

Upload a file and you are ready

To install the service you just have to upload by FTP the file provided by myRepono, to do this I advise you to use the automatic mode which just asks you to fill in your FTP access data and the system installs itself on your site.

The advantage of going through the automatic mode and thus FTP is that any file can be saved because often the host limits the size of the exportable files by a script. In all cases, it is preferable to enter your FTP data.

Select Files and Databases for a backup

The myRepono backup service gives you complete control over the data you back up, you can select individual files or directories and individual database tables to back up, or you can back up your entire site database!

myRepono allows you to backup any type of file using the online backup management service. You can add an unlimited number of websites and databases to your account to automate backups of all your projects!

Personnalisez votre planning de sauvegarde

Once you have chosen your data to be backed up you simply choose how often you want to back up the data and how many copies of your backup you want to archive. You can choose backup locations to control where in the world your data is backed up and you can choose additional locations to duplicate copies of your backups around the world, ensuring complete protection in case of disaster.

myRepono automatically handles all your backup processing so you can focus on your site, not your backups!


Just select the backup you want to restore and then you can simply choose the files or tables to restore or the full backup.


  • myRepono offers a free plugin dedicated to sites managed with Wordpress which makes it even easier to manage your backups since they can be managed directly from the management space of your Wordpress site.
  • We advise you to schedule at least one weekly backup of your files and one daily backup of your data.
myRepono - Website & mySQL Database Backup Service